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bob ehrlich pretends to be for the working guy... but he's not on our side. i thought i knew bob ehrlich, but then i found out... he raised property taxes on every maryland family... and business. he increased college tuition... by 40%. 40%.
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and i thought i knew bob ehrlich. he was against raising the minimum wage. made $2.5 million... working for a lobbying firm. $2.5 million? he's not really on my side. with this tough economy, we really need a governor on our side. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> hello, welcome to 11 news sunday morning. >> our top stories in a moment. first, we check in with our top meteorologist. >> little bit cool this morning, 60's to start the day, but we
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will warm into the 80's. 62 degrees right now. their mentor pressure is nice and high, always a good time. the forecast for today is a mixture of sunshine and cloud. there could be some rainfall tonight, but during the day, i think we will be all right. coming back in a few minutes to give you the 74 test, we will let you know how far away hurricane igor is from the islands. >> our big story this morning, overnight bp engineers began the final test for the deep water horizon well. >> the end of the week does not mean the end of major problems along the coast. >> engineers are set to begin the final test on the fragile well. after pumping in 74 barrels of cement, scientists want to make
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sure that the seal will hold more than 1,100 tons of pressure per square inch. crew members are confident that it will. >> we just kept looking at the fact that it had done so much damage and that we were able to help solve and begs something that so many people wanted and needed. >> sealing the well will not solve the problem that so many people have been dealing with for almost five months now. >> it shows up every day, coming up on the shore. >> thick, black crew, wearing down the march. >> it just keeps coming, like the grim reaper coming up from the bottom. >> slowly killing the dream of captain joe demarco. >> waiting for 20 years to do this for a living. >> crews are cleaning what they
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can, but they do worry that it may not be enough. >> i go home and my wife says -- what are we going to do? keep going like we are going until we have some answers. we go out once per week, maybe. you cannot put your kids through school on that. you cannot buy groceries. if they pull -- pullout, it will be a mess. >> domestic and still take years to clean up. >> -- a mess that could still take years to clean up. >> family and friends mourn the death of a teenager who was hit on route 24 on forest hill. the boy was in the crosswalk when there was no crossing signal. he was transported to hospital but later died.
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police say that the driver stayed at the scene but there was no word if charges would be filed. baltimore city, a deadly assault on a moment in our own home in west baltimore. 66-year-old cecilia mitchell suffered injuries to the head and was taken to shock trauma, where she was pronounced dead. a family member is being questioned in the case. a man continues to recover after being shot in baltimore county, shot in the leg on sunday night, there was no word on a possible suspect or motive in the case. >> 9:05, coming up, how to avoid the high cost of college. first, we are headed to the library for a sculpture dedication to baltimore native, frank zappa. >> retain igor, we will let you know more about
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>> welcome back, good morning, everyone. eight minutes after 9:00 right now, 67 degrees downtown, pressure is nice and high. usually an indication that we will have a nice day and i think that will be the case today. the clouds are thickening as we head into this afternoon, we do
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not expect any rain until tonight. starting out in the mid-50's this morning, 65 in chester town. if we show you the satellite picture even see the high, thin cloud of was referring to. there were some sprinkles a couple of hours ago in the mountains, but they have dissipated. there is a cold front coming out of the great lakes right now that will the through later tonight and if this front comes through we will have a chance for showers to pass by. as this front comes through some of those offering showers will likely pull together in eastern maryland. high pressure blocking all of this from coming in right now, we should windup with a quiet day as we get into the evening. first, a quick update on hurricane igor. still a category one storm, sustained winds of 88 miles per hour.
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it looks like the guy is going to make a direct hit on the island. since it is a category one storm, we are not expecting catastrophic damage. if it had made landfall a couple of days ago it would have been a huge problem, but they will get a huge storm surge. ocean city, there could be some big waves and dangerous rip currents for the rest of the weekend even though the storm as well short. the mixture of sunshine and cloud, high temperatures in the upper 70's cost, low 80's. as the front comes through we have a chance for a few rain showers. scattered showers are possible with temperatures dropping, the seven they forecast should be fine for the work week. monday and tuesday look very nice. if you are a summer weather fan, at the end of the week we will turn up the heat a little bit. wednesday, thursday, friday, the
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chance for a thunderstorm as well. >> today baltimore is honoring their native son, frank zappa, but for far more than his music. >> martin the 25th anniversary of his testimony in front of congress against censorship. joining us now is dr. carl hayden. >> good morning, this is a great day. >> tell us what you can about this culture. >> the sculpture is a gift from the people of lithuania. this is an exact replica of the statue in lithuania. today they are dedicating it to the city of baltimore. the frank zappa family will be here and there will be a concert by his son starting at 2:00. 12:00 there is another band that will be playing here live, arboretum. it will be a great day.
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>> tell us more about frank zappa for those that do not know, and more about his contribution to the city. >> people might not realize that he was a real proponent of free artistic expression and he grew up in baltimore. this statue will say that frank zappa lives in baltimore, which is an important part of it. baltimore has really been the birthplace of a lot of people that you can think of, from john waters to h.l. minkin, all of whom believed in free speech and expression. >> where will this culture be? >> right in front of the southeast entrance to the library. it is an impressive statue, an exact replica of the one in lithuania. it features the head of frank zappa at the height of his
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popularity and fame. you will see him with a large mustache, ponytail, and everything. if you have ever seen a frank zappa albums covered, this statue will bring it all back home. >> why is it so important for the library to be a part of something like this? >> it has always been a place where ideas battle it out. now, freedom of expression, being able to have different views represented is something that the library is reinforcing and stands for. to have frank zappa, who is attracting a lot of young people with his son playing his music as a symbol of that, loosens it up. a rocker in front of a library representing free speech means a lot to us. >> very exciting. it will be great, the dedication today. 2:00 p.m., right? >> 2:00 p.m., you will get the
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live, free concert, and you will get some lemon ice from his famous saying, do not eat the yellow eyes. >> i love it. >> plenty of music had this morning. senator ben cardin is here for hours sunday mourning q&a. >> an integral part of the american dream to help plan early for your child's college education, still ahead. >> first look at the events going on around the town.
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the kincaids live here. across the street, the padillas. ben and his family live here, too. ben's a re/max agent, and he's a big part of this community. there are lots of reasons why re/max agents average more sales than other agents. experience, certainly. but maybe it's also because they care about the markets they serve and the neighbors who rely on them. nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today.
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>> welcome back. time for the sunday business report. tim joins us. good morning. let's talk about saving for your child's college tuition. very important. it might be one of the most important things for parents to think about in terms of regarding education, what do they need to keep in mind? >> parents need to keep in mind that they do not have an obligation to provide a harvard education to each child. there is this mentality where parents have been bullied into thinking that this is an entitlement. but if it will not the parents in a good financial situation, i would recommend otherwise. >> what is the first step?
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>> set up a family education plan. before you make any promises to your children, put together plan for your children saying -- hear is what we are going to do and here's what we are not going to do. for example, my wife and i have had university experience for our children. if they want to go to private school or university of florida, twice as much as university of maryland, that is fine, but they will only get coverage up to the in state. elsewhere is up to them. >> that is okay to do that. but others kept me to be taken? >> game perspective. these days and in-state university is $12,000 for room and board. but that in perspective for what it would be for a private school or and other state school. elite, private school? you are up to $50,000.
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if you are saving for the $15,000 commission, you probably need to save about $350 per month every month from the time the child is board to get them to the university of maryland. $700 for a month if you want to get them into penn state. putting it in that perspective is scary. >> comes so quickly. you and i have children, it will be here before we know it. where should you save? >> i believe that the 529 maryland education savings plan is the best place to save. i do not think he should save all of the money, many people cannot when they're young parents, but i would say 50% of your goal needs to go into that savings account. it will help. if you take it out for qualifying, it will benefit tax- free as well.
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just in case the kids to not go to college, i do not suggest putting 100% in. >> you are a proponent of saving for your retirement first? >> i would go so far as to say that the most selfish thing that a parent can do is put their child's education before their own retirement. if the kids had to get a savings and loan, that is one thing. if they have to bailout parents in retirement, that is a much bigger expense. >> you will get more financial and buys from tim by checking out his website. stay with us, coming up next on
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>> good morning, welcome to your sunday gardener. we are out in the arctic and, we're going to talk about palms -- we are out in the yard again, we're going to talk about ponds. we are talking about maintenance, not just sitting back and enjoying it? >> they have already got some great landscaping going on here. when chris worked in the kuala department, we got some inside track knowledge. this time of year, you want to start worrying about the leaves in the yard. you want to get them out as they build up in one way to do that is to take a net, getting rid of whatever is there and getting
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rid of them that way. >> this is a variation on that with a rake, maybe some bigger debris. >> exec the. there are some pop up tents that you can put over -- exactly. there are some pop up tents that you can put over the pond. you can use der netting, spread it right over there. put it on a bit of an angle and you can scrape it down. >> this feature right here. >> exactly. >> discouraging the children that want to go after the gold fish. >> [laughter] there you go. the other thing that you want to do right now is slow down on feeding your fish as the temperatures cooled down. >> this is like a floating from a letter? >> yes. when the temperature is above 65
9:25 am
and you get down to the cooler temperatures of the spring and the fall, you want to slow to the premium. >> cutting down on the pollution produced by the fish, correct? >> as a slowdown, this will slow down as well. >> easing up on the filter maintenance, changing the chemistry of what is going on in the water? >> exactly. >> and they will just go into a winter funk, i guess? >> exactly. and we will talk about winterizing in a couple of months, but for now just go after them with wiring on the top. flex that is enough on ponds, we have a beautiful yard here. gorgeous flowers. >> that is amazing, it grew from a ball of around the size of a
9:26 am
softball. here is another tropical plant that comes in in the wintertime but these other plans will be find out here. many of the tropical will have to be replaced, but right now it is not a big worry. >> with the 30 seconds that we have left, what should we be doing in the yard? >> keep an eye on insects. bagworms far out right now. >> i noticed that this morning. >> those were webworms. >> right. >> they are doing some damage and they are doing a lot of damage. if he can, some of the best controls the to have right now are to get rid of them. in the spring he will want to spray again. anything you can use that as biological is good. you will notice them now on other things.
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>> thank you. pond maintenance, still the time to enjoy the garden? >> the sunday gardiner. >> if you have questions, you can e-mail us on our website, there is much more news coming up, top stories including senator ben cardin being our q&a guest. >> bermuda is preparing for hurricane igor, downgraded but can still do considerable damage. >> we have a little bit of rain tax on everything you buy?
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that's in andy harris' unfair tax plan. 23% sales tax. a 23% sales tax will cut my business in half. would be devastating. andy harris' 23% sales tax absolutely makes no sense.
9:29 am
23% sales tax would really make things unaffordable. that's too high for the average american out here. i don't know how we would manage it really. don't like that idea. we can't afford andy harris' idea. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message. >> welcome back to 11 news
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sunday morning. >> first we want to take a look outside with tony. >> good morning, ladies. it has been a beautiful start this morning with some rain coming in tonight. everyone planning the tail end of their weekend, you do not have to worry about showers, and even then it will just be sprinkles. 62 degrees at the airport, 67 degrees downtown, we should be able to sneak up after the cool start in the 50 costs. you will see an increase in cloud cover today. we will give you the latest on hurricane igor in a few minutes, but right now over to the news desk. >> a man accused of shooting sheriff's deputies in texas is now in custody. victor white was arrested yesterday afternoon after a long standoff, accused of shooting a third man after attempting to
9:31 am
repossess a trailer. he exchanged gunfire with authorities and ended with the suspect reportedly said in his home home on fire. the deputies are in stable condition while the repo man has been released. a texas mother has been reunited with her son 17 years after he was kidnapped by his father. the 20-year-old son saw a news report about a kidnapping and turn his father in. >> the 42-year-old man is now in the custody of u.s. marshals. authorities said that he spent 17 years hiding himself and his son from the ex-wife, the boy's mother. >> it was a sigh of relief, they were very happy. >> he was on the most wanted list of fugitives in despite billboards in age progression photographs, it was not until last month that he saw a news story about himself when he
9:32 am
convinced his father to turn himself in. he says that he always provided for his son. >> if he has made errors of judgment, they were motivated by love and not by bill will. >> china chapman has dealt with two such cases in her career and says that they are uncommon. >> most people are not willing to live with a fugitive for years. they have jobs, homes, other relatives in contact with the community. people are going to know. >> michael will turn 21 next week, he has grown up hardly knowing his mother. >> forcing that child to live with a fugitive as well as you, it will make him isolate himself from the rest of the world. taking him away from the extended family. >> that was too early tam
9:33 am
reporting. >> residents of bermuda are preparing for a hit in bermuda with hurricane force winds. they boarded up their businesses. between five to 8 inches of rain to fall on the island. hurricane karl battled parts of mexico, areas were left flooded and other areas left stranded it. strong wind and heavy rain hit the region. investigators say the least seven people died. one small child drowned in her home. tropical depression passed over the mountains of southern mexico. >> time for a sunday morning
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q&a. joining us this morning is senator ben cardin. good morning. this week we saw you on capitol hill, calling for uniform standards in terms of reporting and investigating sexual assaults. >> it is clear that the sexual assaults are not being reported. investigating police officers are not referring to any of the cases. we want uniform information, so the first thing we are asking for is good statistics. >> what can you get the federal government to do in terms of legislation? >> we can provide additional tools and make it clear what losses. in some cases, sexual assaults are classified as a different type of crime. >> something else you have been working on, the passage of the small business jobs and credit act in the senate. what will it do? >> it feels good to come along
9:35 am
and it will create jobs. right now small businesses are having a difficult time getting credit and this will allow them to get loans from their banks, opening up the possibility for more jobs in the community. >> there has been all kinds of talk about community access, where are the two sides now? should they stay, go, compromise? >> there is agreement on the tax extenders for those making $250,000 or less. democrats and republicans have agreed that we need to extend those tax provisions. the disagreement is whether we should do for those over or under, should be permanent or temporary? >> what about the argument that this would really hurt small businesses? is it some of the stimulus money not involve buying and providing stimulus?
9:36 am
>> small business owners are mainly affected by the rates that are under $250,000 and we want to make sure that they get extended by the end of the year. we are focusing on small business owners, that is where innovation takes place and we want to make sure that small business owners have every opportunity to expand the economy to get back on the right economic path. >> how will this affect-what's so far nothing has been done, but the family that gets the highest tax break by extending them for under $250,000 are those that make $250,000 or more, because they get the maximum amount of the rate reduction. everyone will get help if we extend tax breaks. >> what happens this week? >> we will try to get together, which is difficult this close to an election, but the bottom line is that this is not the time for
9:37 am
middle income families to pay more taxes. >> with it being so close to elections, the tea party made some inroads. were you shocked with what happened with mike castle? >> i was disappointed, he was able to reach across party lines and has been a long time elected official in delaware. the person that beat him in the primary is a person that is pretty extreme. from a partisan democratic position, we are pleased about it because it gives us a better chance for that senate seat, but he is such a wonderful person, i was disappointed by the results. >> so, republicans and democrats are nervous about the tea party. how do you view it? >> it is a division within the republican party. in maryland we know that the tradition of the republican party, it is interesting looking at who might control the republican party. certainly the tea party foundations around the nation
9:38 am
have garnered a lot of support. we think that it will make some of those elections more competitive and more democrats will have a chance to win. >> clearly the american people think that the economic fix did not come as quickly as possible. you think of what we saw around the country was throwing the democrats out with the bath water? >> people are angry that they lost their jobs and their homes, their savings. the choice is -- do you want to go back to the policy that brought us these problems? or do you want to move forward to continue to try to solve these problems can develop our schools and infrastructure? as democrats we have good messages and we will make that point about contrasting for policies. >> turn out that not hurt the maryland delegation in state, but it was not good statewide. what is that a sign of? >> there are a couple of
9:39 am
explanations. the first is that we did not have any marquee primaries amongst voters. four years ago i was involved in a major senate primary that brought out the vote. there was a major fight for controller with congressional seats. we did not have that this year. i think that some of the explanation is that we did not have competitive primaries. others, frankly, are that the voters must be energized. >> this week elizabeth morgan was named the head of the consumer financial protection agency. what can she do? how will this will be different from the ftc in terms of looking at the financial picture? " she will be the point person for the president of the united states, making sure that this consumer bureau will really protect the consumer. a person in the white house that will make sure that these agencies work together to
9:40 am
protect your rights. we know that in this current meltdown we sought to many families that were victimized by the mortgage companies, by the banks. we want to make sure that there is someone fighting for the consumer. >> all right, senator, thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> if you have a question for next guest, you can send it to sunday questions at >> do not go away, we will be back with more news in a moment. here is david gregory with a look at what is coming up on "meet the press." >> coming up, turbulent primary seasons are at an end, questions remain about the will of the tea party in november. in america's standing abroad, george w. budge injured -- colin powell. more on a one-on-one with president bill clinton as he
9:41 am
prepares to host his sixth annual clinton global initiative meeting. how should the u.s. address this pressing issue? what is coming up for d
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>> welcome back. a beautiful shot of downtown there, a nice start to this sunday morning. 62 degrees at the top of the hour. 67 degrees at the science center. verma to pressure is nice and high. we will wind up with a nice day. a cup michelle was coming in but if you have outdoor plans, it should be ok. there was a cool start for us earlier this morning. we dropped into the upper 40's
9:44 am
and lower 50's, warming up quickly now. high, thin clouds developing, there is no rain in a cloud deck with sprinkles showing up on the radar deck. there is some rain upstream, we can see showers and thunderstorms moving across portions of the midwest with that rain catching up to us tonight, there will be a cold front coming through and i am sure that some of those rain showers will hold together as the entire thing drifts through the mid-atlantic. clouds picking up with scattered showers overnight tonight. in the short term, high pressure is blocking all of that from coming in. first let me give you a quick update on the tropics, at a.m., hurricane igor is still a category one hurricane with sustained winds at 85 miles per hour. 195 miles south of bermuda, it looks like it might make a direct hit.
9:45 am
we do not expect catastrophic damage, but there will be a big storm surge with this system. was it out -- powerful hurricane a couple of days ago, still carrying a wall of water with it. if you are watching from ocean city, there could be dangerous rip currents because of the storm offshore for most of the weekend. keep that in mind. forecasts at home, there is a cool start, making it into the low 80's. not too bad. we have the chance for scattered showers. do not look for a steady rainfall. mostly cloudy with temperatures in the upper 50 costs and low 60's. monday, tuesday, it looks nice but try, high temperatures in the upper 70's on both days. at the end of the weekend we have summer weather for you on wednesday, thursday, friday, with a chance for shattered -- scattered thundershowers each
9:46 am
day. >> kid rock wrapped up in suburban atlanta this weekend, the man said he was injured by members of his entourage at the waffle house press run three years ago. to block was not there when the decision came down. -- kid rock was not there when the decision came down. he is deemed responsible for only $1,000 of the award. >> paris hilton will not have to spend time in jail for drug charges in nevada. a plea deal has reportedly been worked out with prosecutors to keep her out of jail. she agreed to plead guilty monday to two misdemeanors stemming from her arrest, arrested after a small plastic bag containing cocaine fell out of her purse as she reached for it. she will serve a year of
9:47 am
probation. jude law and sharon stone step up to support the peace one day concert in paris, including music from charlie winston, patti smith. they are the co-host of the event, but their work in 2007 said it gave them enough funds for afghanistan to bring polio vaccinations to 4 million children. >> the new fall season against tomorrow night, your favorites are coming back on nbc. you will also be able to secure teeth into some new shows, like "the event" and "chase." for a look at a preview, you can visit our web site, >> dimension that blair underwood is one of the stars of "the event"? >> we did. it should be good. [laughter] >> and look at last night's winning lottery numbers.
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>> welcome back, it is time for dorsett -- our favorite segment, sunday brunch. joining us is a chef from one of baltimore's favors -- most famous restaurant. thank you for joining us. everyone is thinking about what they will do with a game of football sunday. you put together quite a menu down at the restaurant? >> it is only on game days, saturday, sunday, monday, we have a different take on some tailgate tight food that you eat while the game is on. >> so, you have put together a little dish for us here? >> easy on the surface. >> but there is more to it? >> we are basically making short ribs sliders. to be honest with you, you could
9:52 am
use any leftover pot roast. that is what this is going to be. i add some water and some red wine, herbs and onions. celery and garlic. i bake it at 250 degrees for three hours. >> slow cooking is the key to the tender? >> yes. >> the patients to keep it there for a few hours. >> this will melt in your mouth. >> absolutely. >> this is easy, but boasted one of these slider roles that you can get at any store. the recipe is on your web site. just sour cream, mayonnaise, and horseradish. i will add vermont cheddar, just a bit of short ribs on there. that is it. i will top that off, there you go. >> that is the key to game day
9:53 am
food, you wanted small enough to pick up a few for your plate with different varieties. any other substitutes for the short ribs? >> we offer chicken sliders. we can do little burgers and sliders, anything that they want. >> that would be cool. you can make crab cakes out of that? >> there are so many things on the menu, it is a great many of indefinitely something to check out. >> putting up the address in recipe, it can be complicated to get to this point. just send us a self-addressed stamped envelope or you can go to our website,, to get it off of there. of course, you have the new seafood platter that you were mentioning earlier? what is that bad boy? >> one of the tailgate platters is the chilled seafood platter,
9:54 am
consisting of oysters, shrimp, even tuna. we have some hot tailgating platters, you can take them to go or eat them with your friends. >> i have had people do raw oysters. >> i like a little bit of hot sauce and steak sauce. >> something i have never heard of. [laughter] steak sauce? sounds good. we will come back and let the lady's taste some of this game
9:55 am
9:56 am
>> welcome back, we're back with chef jerome. from one of baltimore's most
9:57 am
famous restaurants. we made some game day sliders. quickly, a quick read that -- recap of what you put together? >> the short ribs slider, cheddar, horseradish, that is basically it. >> what we're all talking about in the studio is your suggestion for steak sauce on raw oysters. >> let's take one last look at the seven they forecast. a nice day today, tonight there could be a couple of rain showers with temperatures dropping into the upper 70's. no problems on monday and tuesday. thank you for coming in. "meet the press" is coming up next. >> have a great day, every one.
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